HP Envy 5055 Wireless Printer & Driver Installation

HP Envy 5055 Setup Wireless Setup For Windows. Open the Control Panel Settings menu on the printer after turning it on. Shift downwards and select the Wireless Settings option. Touch the HP Envy 5055 wireless Setup Wizard option and halt for a few seconds. The Setup Wizard turns on the printer’s Wi-Fi.
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HP Envy 5055 Setup


123.Hp.Com/Setup Envy 5055- Product Specifications For HP Envy 5055


Choosing a decent printer is better than ever before. Given how many of the previously luxury aspects of the company have become normal on a personal printer, it’s beginning to be challenging to find a mistake with the range. It’s complicated, but not unthinkable.

Home Office printers will often shock you with the price of ink or infuriate you with enigmatic style choices. Any such errors can be prevented by being careful. Analyzing the most critical features of every single printer will offer you all the information you need to feel sure of your choice.

HP Envy 5055

You’ve already seen an HP Printer device at a certain stage in your life. Around 1/5th of the global printing industry is controlled by HP, and that is not coincidental. People need convenient-to-use printing machines, and this is what HP offers. The ENVY 5055 seems to be the newest in the series of personal inkjet printers, so unless you’ve never used an HP printer, you probably have a clear understanding of what to do or you can take reference from the hp envy 5055 manual.

Inkjet printers are perfect for rich graphics and crisp text. Through spraying small ink particles on the document, inkjets could be utilized for publishing in a broader variety of print products. From company boxes to arts and crafts, inkjets have become a tool for centuries. However, with 5055, you should anticipate more.

But if you’re working with better quality printing, inkjet printers such as ENVY 5055 appear to always have sluggish printing rates. This makes them ideally tailored to those who have lighter print requirements, as compared to those sharing office room with a few others. Used in such a setting, the 5055 would create printer traffic congestion, as sluggish printing speeds forced one task to crash into the next. It is essential to select the correct printer for the correct spot. 123.hp.com/setup envy 5055 will help you give a detailed review of the specifications.

Important Features

Image printers such as the Envy 5055 have more to do with producing excellent images than fast text. So, to that purpose, 5055 seems to be positive. It provides picture content that exactly matches what you’ll be doing by buying prints online. Another main function to remember is adaptive duplexing. Duplexing helps you to display on both sides of the screen, saving you energy, effort, and resources.

Speed is typically not something that you have to think too much about with your home printer, but that is a problem if you have big print jobs or a few individuals use the same machine. Pages each minute PPM tests how quickly the printer can push through the paper. The ENVY 5055 gives a printing speed of 10 sheets each minute for monochrome pages, which is elevated-average for just a colour printer. The pace of 7 ppm for colour printing is just falling behind, though being marginally higher than several rivals.

Moving to the copy machine, you’ll note rates of 8 ppm with black and white and 4 ppm for colour. That’s not very quick, but then you’ll notice that a slower pace adds to the consistency of your prints. Sadly, the overall copy quality is quite poor, however, the ID-card backup functionality provided is a good comfort.

Setting up the HP Envy 5055

For Windows

• First, learn the network address as well as the passwords you would like to be linked to.
• Your Windows system is connected to HP Envy 5055 wireless connection.
• Please ensure your machine, as well as the 123 HP envy 5055 wireless configuration printer you would like to link, is always on and modem, as well as a printer, is still in the reach.
• When a cord is attached to a device or fax, disconnect it.
• Check for a wireless alternative in your control panel. Then press the configuration button and go to the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’
• Just choose the correct network, then press Enter the current network address and continue.
• Download the total 5055 hp configuration driver and program from the hp database.


• To begin, you need to have a knowledge of the network name (also known as SSID identifier) and also have knowledge about your password.
• Going to ensure your Mac is wired to the wireless connection
• Then the scanner is on, and the modem, as well as the scanner, are still within reach.
• Take the USB connection from the printer.
• Search for the wireless alternative also on the control center, and press it.
• Throughout the printer, contact the configuration tool, press the Wireless Setup Wizard.
• Choose the device and type the id and password, then access the software or update it by using the CD.
• The USB cable may be used for stronger, quicker performance.
Download the latest hp envy 5055 drivers, software for ease and convenience!

Print Quality

ENVY 5055 uses a regular A4 sheet with a full paper size of 8.5 x 11.7 inches. This is ideal for several parcels, picture paper, ordinary documents, and a tiny legal stationary. So, you can take care of the minimal diameter of approximately 3 x 5-inch required to pass into the printer. And no matter how large you wind up aiming, you could get stunning seamless picture prints.

As far as consistency is involved, Inkjets appears to have comparable results. Whether you were using an ink cartridge previously, you’re not going to be in line for any shocks. Even getting promoted to a significantly cheaper HP 6255 just wouldn’t impact the outcome of the prints as often as the characteristic set accessible to you. To move a lot beyond the price that a personal inkjet printer can bring, you need to apply a few zeros to the price bracket.

It takes just over 5 mins to create the hp envy 5055 ink cartridge. After months of improving their deployment method, HP has found things a bit easier than clicking a few keys. And it’ll just be better until you’ve had it all set up. Inside it, you can opt to be using the HP Smart Application to better monitor your printer. It’s an additional device that will help users keep a watchful eye on ink rates, print images from the social network pages, and even render the 5055 simple to just use. It might be a little dumb to be using a printer device under several conditions, but this one will help you get more flexibility out from 5055.

Download the latest hp envy 5055 drivers, software for ease and convenience!

Is wireless framework a very complicated matter for HP envy 5055 Let’s Understand

When it comes to wireless framework then you can be sure that you will find all the options open for connecting the hp envy 5055 all-in-one printer driver with the computer. In case of the wireless system all you have to do is to make sure that the wireless network stays at the same path as of the computer. The wireless setup wizard usage is essential for the setup here. So you need to be careful in every level and make sure all the steps are properly followed without a mess. Then only you can find the printer properly working.

No USB flash drive is usable for this printer but the USB port is present. It is at the rear end of the printer. The main usage of this USB port is connecting cables for the driver for hp envy 5055.

HP Envy 5055 Printer Driver FAQs

Why is the ink for HP printer so expensive?

Unlike the normal ink for the HP printer ink the research and development process is quite expensive. The technology that is used for making this ink is also quite costly. Therefor the overall manufacturing cost of the HP ink goes high up. Each year tonnes of money is used for making sure that the ink quality stays at the optimum level.

What software is used for scanning in your HP printer?

In case your printer neither has the document feeder nor the appropriate sized scanner glass for document scanning then you can use the HP smart app to make the scanning done with your mobile device. When you search online about how to Download the latest hp envy 5055 drivers you can also know about the software.

Is it possible for HP envy 5055 to scan multiple pages?

You can make use of the Automatic Document Feeder tray in case you need to scan more than one page. After you ready the control panel of the hp envy 5055 printer driver and press the scanning process will be completed and the document scanning process will be automated by the printer then. The whole thing can be done in more or less 8 to 9 steps. This is the same for the hp envy 5055 mac driver also.

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