HP Envy 7640 Setup Scan the document or photo and send it to a designated folder on the computer. On the printer control panel, touch the Scan icon. Touch Computer to scan to the connected computer. Touch the name of the computer that you want to save the scan to.

Setting Up and Installing the HP ENVY 7640 and Officejet 5740 ...

A Detailed Look Down- 123.Hp.Com/Setup Envy 7640

The era of the paper-free workplace has been announced several, numerous times over. Don’t buy that — you need a printer. Printed copies of the electricity bill gas bills, premium payments you have to file, assignments, pictures, there are plenty of reasons why a normal household still needs one. You ‘re required to have a printer sometimes.

On many occasions, you may require different technologies (such as scanning and emulating) or we may also want to reap the benefits of the newest innovations. Wireless printing is indeed a wonderful example of that. Or, perhaps your ancient printer consumes a system of ink but you’ve thought a bunch regarding HP ‘s Instant Ink scheme. Whatever possible explanation, this is a fantastic choice for a versatile, household printer: HP Envy 7640. Refer to 123.hp.com/setup envy 7640 for detailed information about the specs.

HP Envy 7640

HP’s Envy 7640 boasts a sleek build, including a range of customization options, such as a 25-sheets paper feeder, fax help, and the capacity to print passport-sized images. It has become one of the initial all-in-one printers qualifying for HP’s featured Instant Ink service that enables users to pay for supplies by request. Nevertheless, this same $149 all-in-one faces tough competition from equally priced rivals promising superior picture quality and far quicker scanning speeds. Nevertheless, this same $149 all-in-one faces tough competition from equally priced rivals promising superior picture quality and far quicker scanning speeds.

The Envy subtly chunky proportions and rounded edges render it equally appropriate for personal use and small workplaces. Anywhere it is kept, it will be challenging to stave off thumbprints-particularly on its transparent front surface. It also comes with a hp envy 7640 manual for the convenience of the user.

Setup and specs

HP printers prefer to come in stylish multi-coloured cases, and Envy 7640 isn’t any different. Bringing it out is not a challenging job owing to its fairly low mass of 9.4 kg. It’s about double as small as the Brother edition, which tipped the balance at a mass of 14 kg.

Establishing the Envy 7640 is as simple as connecting it in and pursuing the directions shown on its bright and sensitive LED touchscreen.  It’s easy to install the Envy in about 4 minutes, paced between cold boot and first tab and comes with hp envy 7640 wireless setup. There seems to be less risk of something awry mostly during the configuration process, as the touchscreen shows illustrated graphics that lead you across each move. You may also download the hp envy 7640 driver and software for smooth work.

The Envy 7640 includes 2 printer cartridges, red and black, that could be conveniently mounted by tapping on them. The Envy could even carry up to 125 pieces of paper through its primary input container and 15 pages in the picture container, both of which could be printed on a 25-pages paper tray. The dual-track feature allows it simpler to establish than a printing machine that requires you physically load picture paper anytime you just want.

Setting up the Printer

• Once you turn on the printer during the first instance, there might be some static.
• When you can see the start screen, just use levers beside the printer control panel where select the script, country, and area.
• Then, press the OK icon, then.
• Then, the printer indicator should be when you connect the cartridges.
• Raise the covering of cartridge uses the dividers mostly on edges of your printer.
• Take a glance at the sticker on the backside of the container and then mount the tri-color bottle.
• Disable the safety tape for electrical connections and ink hoses. (NOTE: that color of the locking triggers will suit the hue shown mostly on cartridges.)
• Drift the printer cartridges gradually into their proper locations and move them to the location of the bolt.
• Use the exact similar process to configure the black cartridge, too.
• When you’ve done loading the initial HP boxes, a notification screen displays on the control center. Select the ‘Ok’ tab
• Stack the sheets in the paper tray. Then, the printer is printing the orientation portion.
• Upon publishing the alignment sheet, search it by putting the speed of the side facing downwards on the scanner glass.
• When the alignment file is checked, the notification box that reads ‘Successful alignment’ will show throughout the printer control centre. Click the OK icon to move ahead.
• People are now authorized to link the printer to a networker wirelessly or even, Ethernet or USB device.


The print standard of Envy becomes equal to 4800 x 1200 screen resolution and HP reports that ISO sheets per minute are approximately 14 pages per min in black but about 9 pages per min in color. The print performance was evaluated using the image performance test pages when specified in ISO / IEC 29103:2011 utilizing photo 1.jpg from the set. The Envy required 10.86 secs to display the paper in color in average standard, which fell to 6 seconds in bad condition.

Testing a picture display, the Envy 7640 required 1 minute 12 secs to display with a total Pixel density on shiny 13 x 18 stock. The production quality was satisfactory but barely matched HP’s argument which 7640 prints “lab standard” images. Many of the images experienced a minor loss of clarity in the lighter regions, which often happened while printing in blacks and whites. Also, when the pictures were reproduced on the provided color picture board, there was a shortage of punch and, in certain cases, distorted appearance.

Cost of Ink

Like its counterparts, who have different printer cartridges each for cyan, magenta, as well as purple, HP Envy, includes at least three shades in one package, who ensures this because when one hue runs gone, you have to remove the entire lot. Given this restriction, the cost of color inks every page is surprisingly small, providing that you consume each pigment at approximately the same rate.

HP Envy 7640 Series Driver FAQs

How to connect HP envy 7640 series driver?

For turning the hp envy 7640 driver on, at first you need to switch on the printer if you see that it is not already switched on. Then you need to switch on the driver hp envy 7640 control panel and then touch the wireless icon. After you do that the wireless screen will come to display. Once this process is done then you can touch the setting icon followed by a touch on the wireless setup wizard. After that you need to follow the instructions available on the control panel so that you can connect the printer with the wireless network fast. For that you will not have to think twice. There are a lot many things that you need to consider at the time of choosing the hp envy 7640 series driver. The first thing that you usually think is whether the printer is good or mediocre. Well here is the answer to that.

Is HP envy 7640 a good printer?

There are a great many positive things about printer driver hp envy 7640 that you should know about. The first thing is that it has the perfect ink usage technology that makes the ink delivery system great for you. It saves your money and at the same time makes the ink properly distributed in each print. The printer has scored good in its ink speed so surely the printer can be taken as a perfect one for you.

Is HP envy 7640 a wireless printer?

Among all the functions that hp envy 7640 print driver has it has also the WIFI system available. Other that the wireless system you can also use the USB port or cable for a proper connection.

How to connect the HP envy 7640 with Windows 10?

For connecting to windows 10 you need port connection with the computer and wireless connection is not possible in this case. You need to make the hp envy 7640 driver download from the support site of HP, after the download driver for hp envy 7640 you need to make the installation of the driver. In this case, you need to avoid wireless connection. Rather select the option no connection with the connection to be decided later. After doing so the install driver for hp envy 7640 will quickly take place then you have to open “Devices and Printers from the Control Panel and add the printer there”. It will be an easy hp envy 7640 driver windows 10 installation. You can also do the hp envy 7640 driver windows 7 installation in the same way.

Is there any easy way to connect the HP envy 7640 with the computer?

The process already mentioned is the best process for you. If you want to connect an driver hp envy 7640 series with your PC then you can easily do that via the set up wizard and that is not a very hard task.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind as you make use of this hp envy 7640 printer driver now.

The Final Verdict

The HP Envy 7640 sports an elegant interface, vibrant touch interface, fax functionality, and automated paper feeder.

The HP 7640 is indeed an accessible, trouble-free printer that is easy to install and offers an outstanding collection of features. It is a great choice because of the opportunity to put in various styles of material which will theoretically reduce the overall cost of ownership due to compliance towards HP’s Instant Ink support-depending on how often you print.