HP Envy 7855 Setup Hit the wireless icon on the control panel of your Envy photo 7858 printers. Use settings with a gradual touch on the control panel screen. Select the hp envy photo 7858 wireless setup wizard and follow your control panel’s on-screen instructions. The HP Envy 7858 Printer connects to the wireless network automatically.

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HP Envy 7855 Setup

Why We Call Hp Envy Photo 7855 All-In-One Printer And How Is It Different From Other Printers?

We all are aware of the fact that Hp is a reputed brand that stands in the top position for manufacturing computer accessories and laptops. With the introduction of hp printers, it has secured a more popular place in the market. the launch of envy series from hp has a set line of laptops and printers which are made and sold by famous Hewlett Packard. The hp’s envy model has replaced the voodoo model. The company has embedded envy label on branded printers and desktops. The envy brand is usually associated with printers in the name of all in one printer. As time passes the company is planning to bring more and more new models in the market in circulation. Some of the envy printer models are- envy 100, envy 110, envy 7855, envy 4500, etc.

In this article, we will take a look at the hp’s envy 7855 printer model. Hp has taken a step forward in contributing to the developing technology by launching the hp envy photo 7855 all-in-one printer in the market. it costs approximately $199 in the market allowing good connectivity range features. It is also named as a photo-centric printer with all in one quality. These types of printers are used for small scale work usually small offices and other fields where hard copies of pages might be required. By choosing this printer one can easily save money spend on printing. An instant subscription-based program is also available for the users of this printer.

Unpacking and setup

Envy 7855 is absolutely the right choice if you are looking for a printer that can manage the home duties and tasks of the office as well. it comes with the attached panel, ink cartridges, and a printer body. On unpacking the box, you will find a printer body that is slightly bulky from the side and is 19-inch-wide in size. A deep paper tray of 19 inches is fitted inside this printer giving it a clean and structured look. On the upper side is a 2.7-inch touch screen which acts as a control panel for the printer. It makes use of two ink cartridges- a black cartridge and a tricolour cartridge. Beside using wireless techniques of wifi and USB there exist Sd card slots and also a direct print USB port on the front panel from memory cards. For setup, we can take help from 123.hp.com/setup envy photo 7855 guide us way throughout to set up the printer properly.

The printer enables an easy setup. You just need to remove the tape lamination and remove the cardboard from ink tanks after this switch on the unit and select the language name of the country by using a touch panel where directions to visit 123.hp.com are given. It might take 42-44 seconds to start and run but once it is over it is ready to use.

• Taking the twisted free power cord, connect it to one end of the rear of the printer and
another into wall outlet
• Switch on the printer. You might hear some noise, wait for it to shut down and then
begin forward
• On settling you can select your language, location, and time and then press ok.
For installation:
• Cartridges can be installed by making use of cutouts on sides
• Unwrap and remove the pull tab in orange color to make ink nozzles visible.
• Insert cartridge downwards into the slot and lock it
• Similarly, insert black cartridges too.

Driver software

hp envy photo 7855 driver is a smart software enabling high-speed printing and scanning. It
can be installed using the following steps.

• To install the drivers download it from 123.hp.com/evy7855.
• Once the download is completed click on the file to open it
• The easy-start utility page opens up and extracts all the files necessary for installation
• Follow the instructions and complete the registration procedure
• The choice between full feature software and basic feature software download needs to
be made. Make sure you choose the full feature software download.
• Agree to terms and conditions after reading it
• Go back to 123.hp.com/envy7855 to complete the installation

Wireless setup

For wireless setup follow these steps-
• Turn on both computer and printer connecting them to the same network
• If any USB cables connected, disconnect them and make sure the status changes from
• wired to a wireless network
• Press wireless icon on control panel and then (-) button near settings
• Scroll below and choose wireless setup wizard
• Network search is done and the names of all networks are shown. Select the one you
• want to connect to
• Enter the password and press ok button
• The printer will now try to connect to that network.
• Photo quality at its best

After doing the basic setup next step taken is towards the installation of drivers. These printer drivers are generally the software which is used to convert format in a computer or other devices into printer understandable language so that it can easily print on pages.  The hp envy photo 7855 drivers is a smart software enabling high-speed printing and scanning. It helps envy 7855 to perform all print functions benefiting users with facilities of cloud storage and print history.

The printing speed of envy 7855

The reviews on many sites are evidence that many printers in a similar range offer poor printing quality and also no extra features or specifications but this printer has high graphics quality and picture printing power above par. It uses a better ink generation formulation with the help of 2 ink cartridges. Apart from this, there are other pros of this printer listed below. You can also refer hp envy photo 7855 manual for more details.

  • Connectivity range is quite good
  • Automatic duplexer
  • Fax facilities
  • ADF 35 sheet
  • Photo quality at its best

Last but not the least, you can also take the help of the online hp envy photo 7855 manual available on hp envy photo 7855 all-in-one printer websites. in comparison to other printers, it has top-class printing quality in this price range. High-speed printing has made it popular for usage at home and offices. The printing versatility and ADF makes this printer stand out of the box. No difficulty in setting it up as it is wireless also you can set up connectivity using WPS mode. Overall, it is a high-speed printer with dedicated features of quick scanning and low cost per page.

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