HP Officejet Pro 8610 Printer Wireless Setup. Wireless is a better option than wired or USB connection, but there are situations when you experience the problems when connecting the printer for the first time or to set up the wireless connection of your HP Officejet 8610 Printer.

Hp Officejet Pro 8610 Driver And How To Install It?

In this fully technical world where everything is done online, we also need some documents, papers, and information which are hand ready whenever we require them. Everything cannot be stored virtually. This is because softcopy can be treated by online hackers or might even get exposed to a virus. Therefore, hardcopy of important papers is always required. Keeping a backup of things is necessary.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Driver, Setup, Review, HP Officejet Pro 8610
HP Officejet Pro 8610

We generally produce a hardcopy of things with the help of printers. A device which is capable of printing the exact information on the computer screen to any digital device directly onto the sheets. Printers are important to be selected in such a manner that they produce good quality print and run for a longer duration as these are the expensive machines in the market. there are so many brands of printers available in the market and associated with that brand are hundreds of printers. Now the confusion is created for which one to buy. don’t worry we will guide you in buying and setting up your printer which will suit you. 123.hp.com/setup officejet pro 8610 is a great site for buying Hp printers and we also review the product giving you every minute details also telling about its setup.


Officejet pro 8610 printers:

We already know that Hp is a branded and reputed company. The laptops are the best creation of it and now stand at the top in producing one of the finest quality printers in the world. Hp Officejet pro is used on large scales by college scholars as well as home offices. The printer software is available on 123.hp.com/setup Officejet pro 8610. Its range criteria are neither too low nor too high. In a middle-range, this printer comprises of numerous functionalities like:

  • • A print speed of 18 ppm designed for monochrome prints and 10 ppm for producing a colored print, making it superior in print speed
    • An LCD panel of size 63mm with a touch screen
    • Connectivity facility of USB, ethernet or even wireless connections like WIFI
    • The capacity of 225 sheets in one input paper tray
    • Benefits of mobile printing like print or air print
    When unpacked this printer box consists of
    • a printer device
    • flaps
    • installation cd
    • ink cartridges

When unpacked this printer box consists of

  • a printer device
  • flaps
  • installation cd
  • ink cartridges


how to set up this printer

on unpacking the device attaches the flaps to the side. Pull out the tape covering from the body including the scanning area. Now connect the power cord on one end of the printer from the rear while another one from the wall outlet. The printer can now be switched on by pressing the power button engraved on the control plate. When the noise is printer is shut down then enter the date and time and then press confirm. The next thing you will be required to enter is its location. Enter the area in which the printer is and then click confirm. This way the initial set up will be completed and your printer will come to a working position. However, the task doesn’t end here. Now its time to install the drivers after installing ink cartridges and loading sheets in the paper tray.

Wireless setup

• With the help of wireless setup, we can easily connect our printers to the network and then
• download the drivers and install them afterward. Steps are:
• input network name and password of the router
• disconnect the USB cable if any
• switch on both router and printer
• select wireless setup icon from the control panel
• searching for routers will start after which you can select the network you want to
connect with
• in case of wired connection is made the change it to wireless one by taking reference from
the HP website.

Ink cartridges:

The hp Officejet pro 8610 ink is filled up in these ink cartridges which helps to print on paper. By following the given steps, you can install these cartridges for the printer.

  • For revealing the access area of ink cartridge make use of cutouts on the left side.
  • Holding the cartridge tight from side remove the orange cap by twisting it a bit.
  • Peel off all the transparent plastic covering and tape from it.
  • Put the cartridge inside the slot in such a manner that the colour band embedded on the cartridge goes with the dot colour on the cartridge.
  • Similarly, put the other cartridges in the slot

Software driver installation

When you attach your system and printer and put them on then you go to the default browser and visit 123.hp.com/ojpro8610. Click on the option of basic s/w drivers and download the full feature drivers for the software. Thereafter run and install it. The hp Officejet pro 8610 driver installation will provide you with full access to the functionalities of the printer by extracting all the desired files and folders.

Apart from all this comes a very necessary part known as the print head. it is a part of this printing machine which consists of small nozzles helpful in spraying ink on the paper. The hp Officejet pro 8610 printheads can be installed on the printer by first turning off the power button from printer’s rear and then lift the latch of the cartridge and set up the position of this print head. when done lower the cartridge latch down making it to lock the printer head in its current position.


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