Printers are a handy and helpful device for their function is no longer limited only to printing. You can scan documents, copy, print high-quality images, and do much more with just one tiny printer. Moreover, these days, many printers are portable too, so you can easily carry them around and use them anywhere, anytime, to perform your printing functions on the go. It is an important piece of equipment whose presence is required in almost every office. However, sometimes your hp envy 4520 printer offline may face an issue and you will perhaps run out of ideas on how to fix it. Hence, here is a handy guide to troubleshoot all your printer problems.


Think about it. Take out your notebook and pen, and think about the number of times and the number of things you require a printer for. You will immediately realise that you can perhaps not perform even one function without a printer. As a matter of fact, despite being such a handy device, printers are still quite affordable. Even so, you cannot afford to purchase a new printer now and then just because it has few complaints. Therefore, you need to know the solutions to all the problems your printer has been facing.


hp envy 4520 offline 

HP Envy 4520 Printer Offline


The problem of hp envy 4520 printer offline is more common than you may think. It is not unusual for your printer to go offline when you need it the most. Hence, here are some steps you can follow to fix the problem.


● Sometimes, such a problem may occur if your printer is not plugged into the power supply properly, and it may be turned off. Make sure you check all the wireless links that include the USB. Depending on your printer, your printer may be offline if the USB is also unresponsive. Hence, make sure that your printer’s USB does not have any problem. If your printer is wireless, then check your wireless connection is working properly.


● The wireless router you are using should be linked to your printer and computer or laptop properly. Ensure that you have turned on the device and the router, and you especially need to ensure that the router connection is the same as you are using in your printer.


● If the printer is wireless, then it will have a blue light. If it keeps on blinking, then it means that your router and printer are not linked. 


● Sometimes, it so happens that you may have forgotten to connect your printer to your router, in which case, you can try to connect it again. There may also be an overload in your firmware of networks and routers, leading to the rejection of connection despite entering the correct password. 


● You can restart your computer or laptop and your printer even none of the above solutions seems to work. Sometimes, a simple shut down and restart is all that is required to fix the printer problems. 


Simple printer solutions 


If you cannot seem to fix hp envy 4520 printer offline even after following the steps mentioned above. 


● Try restarting your computer and your printer, and then reboot it.

● Make sure that you have turned on the computer or laptop your printer is connected with. 

● You can try to disconnect the USB of the printer for a while and then try to connect it again after a while. 

● You should uninstalling the printer driver and then install it again.


Wireless printer solutions 


If you use a wireless printer and have a hp envy 4520 printer offline, you perform the following solutions.


● Turn on your printer and go to the printer’s control panel and two the wireless icon.

● Go to the icon of settings and then click on setup 4520 wireless setup wizard.

● Download the HP utility software and follow the instructions of the installation process. 

● Following this, follow the instructions that show up to troubleshoot the problem. 


Printers are man-made things, and when mankind themselves comes across problems sometimes, it is not uncommon for your printer to face problems that may annoy you. However, this is not to say the annoying problems your printer may be having cannot be fixed. You can easily fix it by following the solutions mentioned above. If it still does not show any signs of improvement, then perhaps it is time you invest in a new printer or try visiting a printer repair shop.