Why is The HP Printer Printing The Blank Page?

Printers are one of the most popular tech products that are available on the market. They mainly offer various possibilities with different features as well as functions. A printer can last for many years with the proper care.


Different types of the HP printer to know about

Inkjet Printers: Mostly in the case of homes, one will find inkjet printers. These printers mainly come in different varieties depending on the needs.

Most of these types of printers are inexpensive. They need constant replacing ink cartridges. Some inkjet printers are commonly purchased as home printers, but the same can be used for small businesses. Some of the benefits of the inkjet printers include:


  1. These printers are mainly low in cost
  2. They mainly provide high-quality printing. This is also capable of printing the fine as well as smooth details
  3. This type of printer is mainly able to print in various colors. So this is a good option for printing the pictures
  4. These types of printers are easy to use
  5. This printer is mainly fast
  6. This printer works without making any sound in comparison to dot-matrix printers
  7. This type of printer does not require any warm-up time


Laser Printers: This type of printer is mainly reserved for different office settings and similar environments, mainly on printing different text documents. The user will be able to find larger and smaller options, which depends on the types of print jobs that are necessary. These printers are mainly expensive in comparison to the inkjet printer. They are mainly optimized to print some high volumes of paper.


  1. This type of printer has the long life
  2. This type of printer is having a faster printing speed
  3. The long-term non-printing effect is not going to change
  4. This type of printing is mainly suitable for mass printing. This is mainly low in cost.
  5. The machine is mainly stable


hp printer is printing blank pages

Top common issues with the printers and ways to fix them

HP printers are very reliable, but in some cases, one may face some of the below issues. Some of the major problems are:

Paper Jam: This is one of the most common problems with any printer. A printer will get jammed for different reasons. The same can be dirty or maybe the incorrect paper type that is being used. It is necessary to clean the printer at a regular interval and to use the appropriate paper type are some of the easy fixes.

  1. The faded image: The faded print image is mainly a result of one of three important conditions. Sometimes the printer may be low on toner. The print density is very low also. Sometimes the HP printer is printing blank pages also.
  2. One can find some error messages on some of the newer HP LaserJet printers. This mainly shows the problem with the power supply.

Solution for HP printer printing the blank page


There can sometimes when someone wants to print some of the important documents. But at the time of printing, all of the printed pages are coming as blank. There are some of the few things which could be the cause of that problem, which includes:

There can be empty cartridges, which can lead to poor quality printing. One needs to check the ink level in the printer and should change them immediately if finished.

Sometimes the cartridges are disconnected. If the cartridges have become slightly displaced and are no longer in proper electrical contact with the printer, it can also lead to poor quality of printing. In this case, one can remove the cartridges and then reinstall them again. This will help in completing the electrical circuit and prints normally.


It may also happen due to the incorrect paper size. If the paper size has been changed, then the same can be confusing for the printer. In this case, in the print preview page, one must make sure that the appropriate paper size is selected.


The problem of clogged nozzles mainly occurs when the printer is not being used infrequently. When the printer is not being used for a longer time, the ink will eventually get hardened. So this may lead to thereby clogging up the printer nozzles. Some of the printers do have the print head nozzle check option. Then the user may select this option and let the machine itself clear the nozzles. This will help in removing any blockages and thus help the ink to flow freely.